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Miscellaneous (Private)

The contents of this page are precursors to thesis work for masters in public health.


Telehealth Survey

Not currently active. Please see the invitation before reviewing this survey.

1. What is the area of your professional activities?
Check all that apply.

Book author
Market Analysis
Policy Analysis
TV journalism
Radio journalism
Newspaper/Magazine journalism

2. How much of the information you collect in your daily work is gleaned from the Internet?

0-25% 25-50% 50-75% 75-100%
(as a rough percentage of the information you retrieve each day)
3. How do you find information on the Internet? 
Please rank on frequency of use.
I use a META search engine such as MetaCrawler.
I use one of the big search engines such as AltaVista, Infoseek, Yahoo, etc
I use a customized news service/website and/or push technology such as NewsEdge.
I visit regular sites in my list of bookmarks
I receive suggestions from friends/colleagues
Specify other:

4. How important to you are each of the following Web search characteristics?

Very Important   Somewhat Important   Not Important
Easy and fast information retrieval
New and updated information    
Highly relevant information  
Good-quality information
Well organized information
Not many dead links
Reasonable number of hits found
Specify other: 

5. How frequently do you use these forms of Internet information?

News/Wire services
Official full-text documents
Journal articles
Maps and graphics
Bibliographic references
Facts and figures
Funding Databases
Project Databases
Specify other:

6. How often do you use this information for the following reasons? 

Writing a book/journal article/report
Writing a news story
Making a decision
Scientific research
Policy Making
Allocating Resources & Funding
Conference Planning
Specify other: 

7. In general, are you satisfied with the quality of the material you find?

never   rarely   sometimes   often   always

Let us assume that in a cooperative effort we are able to collect all the relevant Interactive Health Communications funding and program sites under one 'roof', in an interconnected and searchable system.

8. If you were offered this system with a clear and easy user interface for finding all the information you need for your work, how often would you use it?

never   rarely   sometimes   often   always

9. What would you want to find in such a system?  
Please check all desired items AND rank the most important five.

Data and facts
Program or project information such as NIST's ATP
Government reports
Scientific reports
Maps and graphics
Bibliographic references
Hyperlink references
Experts, Contact Information
Symposia & conferences
Specify other:

10. What structured hard data and which statistics in the area of Interactive Health Communication (IHC) funding, projects, and issues are relevant for your work?
Please check all expected items AND rank the top five.

Number of health IHC projects by agency
Dollars associated with IHC projects by agency
Geographic Distribution of IHC projects by agency
Number of technology infrastructure projects by agency
Specify other:
Specify other:
Specify other:
Specify other:

11. What other data do you need in your work?

12. What websites and on-line databases in the field of IHC are useful for your work?

13. Which printed reference works do you use in your work?
Please list top five with author and title.

14. Would you find it useful to have these works available on-line in a searchable format?

Yes No

15. Would information in the form of sector profiles (ie: government, academic, non-profit, and commercial) be of interest to you?

   no    maybe somewhat   yes  

16. If you indicated above that you are interested, what information should be presented in such a sector profile?
Please check all expected items and rank the first five.

Specify other:

17. What else would you like to have included in the sector profile?

As a user, today you have little possibility to influence the form and presentation of the result of your database searches.

18. Would you work with raw statistics off the Internet if they were available in downloadable databases?

I don't need them  I compile my own statistics 
no opinion 
    maybe         yes    

19. Do you wish you could define the form of your search results?

no sometimes yes

20. Would you like to have a system that would allow you to compose your own tables from different data sets and to make specific calculations such as percentage or ratio figures?

no maybe yes

21. Would you enjoy a system which allowed you to view the data in different graphical formats?
(examples may be found on our results page.)

no maybe yes

22. What societal sector(s) are you currently employed in?

Government      Academic      Non-profit      Commercial

23. What do you think is the most important role of the government sector with respect to Interactive Health Communications (IHC)?

24. What do you think is the most important role for the academic sector with respect to IHC?  

25. What do you think is the most important role for the non-profit sector with respect to IHC?

26. What do you think is the most important role for the commercial sector with respect to IHC?  

27. Who do you see as the leaders in the field of IHC in each of the following areas?

Non-Profit Sector:
Coordinating different sectors:

28. Please rate the following categories in terms of their importance to the future of IHC.

Funding and Market Opportunities  
Government IHC resources  
Private sector IHC resources  
Technology Advances/Advances in the Development of Applications specific to IHC  
Technology transfer among sectors  

29. What activities would enhance coordination between sectors, especially between government and commercial?
Check all that apply and rank your top choices.

Web Databases
Visual Navigation Tools
Toolkits for commercial IHC developers
Toolkits for IHC purchasers
Toolkits for web developers
Dynamic web links from funding databases to impact databases covering health, economic and social outcomes.
Specify other:

30. What other monitoring projects are you aware of that are relevent for cross-sector collaboration?
(ie: in fields of peace, environment, commerce and health)

31.What technology projects are you aware of that may be helpful?
(ie: XML, collaborative filtering, visual navigation, agents, etc.)

Would you please tell us who you are?
Your Name:
Your e-mail address:
Thank you very much!



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