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This section of the St. Cloud website captures work done for Barbara Rimer, Dr.P.H., Director of the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS) during 2000-2001 by Jean Wooldridge, M.P.H., working as strategic advisor in cancer communication technologies. This service was performed under an IPA loan agreement with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA. Parts were also performed in 2001-2002, and 1998-2000, under separate consulting contracts.

The intent of this website is to provide a strategic resource for DCCPS and other NCI staff. The  structure of the products ("strategic resources") reflects a navigational perspective, not a formal taxonomy.

The overall charge was to develop a Lewis and Clark sense of the larger technology landscape and to bring back strategic resources that would support NCI's multi-year Extraordinary Opportunity in Cancer Communications (EOCC). 

I compiled frameworks and conceptual maps, informational resources, technology tools, and relational resources. My principal filters for selection were self-care, cancer prevention, and the digital divide. I have benefited from a number of wonderful thinkers and I cite their work in strategic resources. (Examples include DHHS' 1999 "Wired for Health and Well-Being" and Robert Wood Johnson's 2001 "The eHealth Landscape".)

My underlying assumption is that the prospectus described by the MIT Media Lab's Health Special Interest Group is a fairly reasonable prediction of how healthcare will unfold:

"Nanotechnology, biosensors, body networks and smart homes are combining to give consumers the tools to take control of their health and maintain their lifestyle. This emerging network of technologies can also help create a web of interpersonal relationships that reinforce healthy behaviors and medical compliance. The detailed, continuous and individual data from such a network is synergistic with advances in both human genome and conventional medical research, and offers the potential for creation of a data-rich, personalized, and preventative medical science."

The resources described in this website will help NCI to leverage existing resources and integrate new ones from different societal sectors (commercial, academic, non-profit, and government).  These strategic resources will bring new information and opportunities for research-agenda setting, service, and partnership.

These partnerships can be crafted at many levels, from  helping to shape a conference agenda, to intense joint ventures during different business horizons (i.e., at the 5-10 year long term R&D space, the 3-5 year R&D space, the 1-3 year product development, or at this year's "go-to-market" marketing promotions).  Likewise,  partnership benefits can include accelerated institutional learning for NCI and management staff, knowledge transfer (bilateral), technology transfer, and organizational visibility for NCI initiatives, as well as access to potential co-funders. 


  • Introduction

  • Goals, Results, and Recommendations

  • Strategic Resources

    • Frameworks and Conceptual Models

      • (NCI Ca Control Framework, Ca Research Portfolio, Ca Information Dissemination-Diffusion, The Business Horizon, Pace Layering, Ca Information Continuum, eHealth 5 "C's", Bellwether Industries)

    • Informational Resources

      • (NCI internal links, Market Research Firms, Subscriptions, past St. Cloud Newsletters)

    • Technology Tools

    • Relational Resources 

      • (NCI, (including COLT, and Digital Living Contacts), Conferences, Public-Private Consortia, Corporate R&D Labs, Venture Capitalists, NCI Technology Thought Leader Opportunities, Innovators in Tech Communication, Innovators in Tech Communication in Government)

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